Pope Francis met with and told Gay Man(2018):

"That you are gay does not matter.
God made you like that and

loves you like this and
I don’t care.

The Pope loves you like this.

Saint Louis Bertrand


San Luis Beltran



St. Louis Bertrand, O.P. was a Spanish Dominican who preached in South America during the 16th century, and is known as the "Apostle to the Americas." 
During his missionary years he was favored with the gift of tongues. While speaking to the natives in Castilian, he was understood by all and often spoke in languages which he was naturally unfamiliar.
His preaching was accompanied by many miracles and prophecies.
For some of us volunteers working on this site who grew up with the church and all the Catholic saints, we had never been devoted followers of saints, but after we had prayed and prayed for a certain event to happen, and it wasn't - We were told to just try praying to San Luis Beltran, and while there were many official prayers to this saint, we were told to pray with our own words and thoughts to San Luis Beltran. Skeptical, but willing to try anything, we prayed, and after a few days - our prayer was answered.
Our hope in dedicating this site to San Luis Beltran is that thru his ability to speak in tongues and have all understand him, that he speaks to our Pope, and all of our clergy worldwide in a way that they finally become enlighten with a clear understanding that when


God made us all in his image,


he didn't make any mistakes,
he made us all equal in his eyes,
and why would anyone who believes in him, 
use his name to judge others as less equal



"love one another as I have loved You"

"CatholiX & xhristians

are gender-neutral terms

to emphasize

full & equal church


of any and all genders of

Gay Catholics, Christians & Friends" 

Spanish and English language


versions of prayer to


san luis beltran



The Prayer of San Luis Beltrán is a prayer to the saint

used by Catholics to cure

many ailments, diseases, sorceries, spells,

but mainly the so-called evil eye,

as well as the evils caused by envy.



Oración a San Luis Beltrán



Criatura de Dios, yo te conjuro y bendigo en el nombre de la santísima Trinidad Padre, + Hijo + y Espíritu Santo + tres personas y una esencia verdadera y de la Virgen María Nuestra Señora Concebida sin mancha del pecado original. Virgen antes del parto + en el parto + y después del parto + y por la gloriosa Santa Gertrudis tu querida y regalada esposa, once mil Vírgenes, señor San José, San Roque y San Sebastián y por todos los Santos y Santas de tu Corte Celestial.

Por tu gloriosísima encarnación + gloriosísimo Nacimiento + Santísima Pasión + gloriosísima Resurrección + Ascensión: por tan altos y Santísimos misterios que creo y con verdad, suplico a tu divina Majestad, poniendo por intercesora a tu Santísima Madre abogada nuestra, libres, sanes a esta afligida criatura de esta enfermedad, mal de ojo, dolor, accidente y calentura y otro cualquier daño, herida o enfermedad.

Amen Jesús.

No mirando la indigna persona que prefiere tan sacrosantos misterios con tan buena fe te suplico Señor, para más honra tuya y devoción de los presentes, te sirvas por tu piedad y misericordia de sanar y librar de esta herida, llaga, dolor, tumor, enfermedad, quitándole de esta parte y lugar. Y no permita tu divina majestad, le sobrevenga accidente, corrupción, ni daño, dándole salud para que con ello te sirva y cumpla tu santísima voluntad.

Amen Jesús +

Yo te curo y ensalmo, Jesucristo Nuestro Señor Redentor te sane, bendiga y haga todo su divina voluntad. Amen Jesús. Consumatum Est + Consumatum Est +.

Amen Jesús.




Prayer as translated to ENGLISH by Google Translate:


Prayer to Saint Louis Beltrán


Creature of God, I conjure and bless you in the name of the Most Holy Trinity Father, + Son + and Holy Spirit + three persons and a true essence and of the Virgin Mary Our Lady Conceived without stain of original sin. Virgin before childbirth + in childbirth + and after childbirth + and by the glorious Saint Gertrude your beloved and gifted wife, eleven thousand Virgins, Lord San Jose, San Roque and San Sebastian and all the Saints and Saints of your Celestial Court .

For your most glorious incarnation + glorious Birth + Holy Passion + glorious Resurrection + Ascension: for so high and Most Holy mysteries that I believe and with truth, I implore your Divine Majesty, placing as intercessor your Blessed Mother our lawyer, free, heals this afflicted creature of this disease, evil eye, pain, accident and fever and other any damage, injury or illness.

Love Jesus.

Not looking at the unworthy person who prefers such sacrosanct mysteries with such good faith I beg you, Lord, for more honor yours and devotion of those present, you serve for your mercy and mercy to heal and rid of this wound, sore, pain, tumor, disease , taking away from this part and place. And do not allow your divine majesty, accident comes, corruption, or harm, giving health to serve you and fulfill your most holy will.

Amen Jesus +

I heal and exalt you, Jesus Christ Our Lord Redeemer heal you, bless you and do all your divine will. Love Jesus. Consumatum Est + Consumatum Est +.

Love Jesus.