Pope Francis met with and told Gay Man(2018):

"That you are gay does not matter.
God made you like that and

loves you like this and
I don’t care.

The Pope loves you like this.

gay catholics christians 



A Free Mobile App designed, developed and launched by volunteers from CatholiX: Gay CatholiXs, Xhristians and Friends Group, and now available @:


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New Free "Gay Catholics Christians" Mobile App
Dedicated to Pope Francis on Easter.
App Honors Pope Who Has Resurrected
the Hopes of Marginalized LGBTQ Catholics


At Easter, one of the most important times of the year for Christians, when the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead is celebrated, one of the country's largest Gay Catholics Christians Social Groups honors the "Live and Let Live" Pope who has resurrected the faith and hope of many marginalized LGBTQ Catholics worldwide with the dedication of a free Gay Catholics Mobile App to unite, inform and pray for an inclusive Catholic Church. 
The "Gay Catholics Christians" mobile app was designed, developed and created by volunteers from the Gay Catholics Christians Social Group with the objective of enabling LGBTQ Catholics globally to create and grow their local Gay Catholiccommunities, and provide LGBTQ Catholics with information on Gay-friendly Organizations, Churches and Resources; including resources for LGBTQ Catholic Families. App initial users come from Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, and North America.  
The features included in the free proximity-based social, spiritual, and educational app include:
1. Who am I – Words of Hope, Faith and Inclusion for Gay Catholics & Christians from Pope Francis
2. Friends Near – A feature to help LGBTQ Catholics globally set up their own local Gay Catholics communities and groups at their parish and dioceses.
3.Write – Write and post up spiritual messages or questions that are on your mind to anyone or no one, to other members of our LGBTQ Community, to Pope Francis or to God.
4. Meet – Find, join and attend one the many Gay Catholics and Christian Meetup Groups taking place nationwide and globally.
5. NY/LA Church – For those living in New York, and Los Angeles, this is a detailed look at the local Catholic and Christian Churches with active LGBTQ outreach, community and support services.


6. Gay Churches – Whether you are looking for Gay-friendly or affirming Catholic or Christian Church at home or on the road - Lists and directories of churches in the US and in some international locations.
7. Seek – List of organizations, groups and initiatives for Gay Catholics and Christians where you can find additional information on subjects that may be of interest to app users.
8.LGBTQ Families – List of resources for Gay Catholic and Christian Families and Gay Marriage; including interactive MAPs showing progress of key initiatives of importance to LGBTQ Families.
9. Listen – A List of radio and audio segments on issues and conversations relating to Gay Catholics and Christians.
10. Pray – Members-suggested Collection of prayers.
11. Bible – For when you needed at home or on the road, the English - American Standard Bible.
12. Blogs – Active list of blogs on subject-areas and news of interest to Gay Catholics and Christians.
13. Watch – Member-suggested list of videos relating to Gay Catholics and Christians.
14. Inspir-Tunes – For those times, when we can all use some inspirational music, a diverse collection of inspiration tunes from the US, Brazil and other locations.
15. Twitter – CatholicLGBTQ – Gay Catholics Christian group twitter feed on timely news relating to Gay Catholics and Christians.
The free app can be downloaded at the Google Play App Store, Apple's iTunes App Store, Amazon, Opera App Store, HTML5 & other App Stores. 



The Gay Catholics Christians mobile app was developed and created by a team of volunteers from NYC's "CatholiX: Gay Catholics, Christians & Friends" Social Group. The group started as a small "After Sunday Night Mass" meetup group to connect, dine and discuss how that Sunday's homily or recent LGBTQ news applied and impacted our lives as Gay Catholics and Christians.

The small group grew a bit, and today we are one of the largest Gay Catholics & Christians social groups in the nation.  We come from all over the Tri-State area (NY, NJ, & CT); we are Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Catholics and Christians of all ages and many different nationalities, and we are all at different stages of our spiritual search.

The app is dedicated to Pope Francis, who through his words and questions, has inspired many LGBTQ believers to stay or come back to the table: An Open Table that our Lord Jesus Christ set for ALL of his Children, but a table that a few have tried for a very long time to keep closed to us and our LGBTQ Catholic Families.


"love one another as I have loved You"

"CatholiX & Xhristians

are gender-neutral terms

to emphasize

full & equal church inclusion

of any and all genders of

Gay Catholixs, xhristians & Friends"