Pope Francis met with and told Gay Man(2018):

"That you are gay does not matter.
God made you like that and

loves you like this and
I don’t care.

The Pope loves you like this.

God's Black Porsche:


Dating Stories from


NYC's Gay Catholics & Christians


(Volume 1)   



"God's Black Porsche: Dating Stories from NYC's Gay Catholics & Christians" is a collection of dating stories shared by members of the NYC Gay Catholics, Christians & Friends Social Group (LGBTQ).

In NYC, like most major cities, if you do not know who you are by the time you get here, there will be plenty of folks who will tell you who you should be.
For many of us that come here with the deep-rooted faith, beliefs, and values we grew up with, it is a constant struggle to keep our focus and balance on what’s inside our souls – which includes both our LGBTQ sexuality and our faith.
In our upbringing as Catholics and Christians, things that we accepted as “given” in any future relationships, straight or gay, will often face the powerful challenge and pressures of the city’s loud groupthink mentality.
Some of us are fortunate to have the support and guidance of LGBTQ-friendly spiritual leaders (priests, ministers, brothers, nuns, family, friends, etc.), but for the majority of us – that will not be the case.
These stories are not meant to make a judgment on anyone’s choices or dating styles and they are not meant as lessons, but simply as shared life experiences.
Our hope is that some or all of the stories shared in this collection might be of some help to other Gay Catholics and Christians in their own self-discovery and spiritual journeys.
Too many of us have come here with an open heart, soul and mind, but have become “jaded” thru our misguided attempts at trying to “fit in” versus having the dating scene fit into our own beliefs, and values.
Earnings from the distribution of this collection will go to fund the on-going operations, events and community initiatives of the NYC Gay Catholics, Christians & Friends Social Group.



The Gay Catholics Christians mobile app was developed and created by a team of volunteers from NYC's "CatholiX: Gay Catholics, Christians & Friends" Social Group. The group started as a small "After Sunday Night Mass" meetup group to connect, dine and discuss how that Sunday's homily or recent LGBTQ news applied and impacted our lives as Gay Catholics and Christians.

The small group grew a bit, and today we are one of the largest Gay Catholics & Christians social groups in the nation.  We come from all over the Tri-State area (NY, NJ, & CT); we are Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Catholics and Christians of all ages and many different nationalities, and we are all at different stages of our spiritual search.

The app is dedicated to Pope Francis, who through his words and questions, has inspired many LGBTQ believers to stay or come back to the table: An Open Table that our Lord Jesus Christ set for ALL of his Children, but a table that a few have tried for a very long time to keep closed to us and our LGBTQ Catholic Families.

"love one another as I have loved You"

"CatholiX & Xhristians

are gender-neutral terms

to emphasize

full & equal church inclusion

of any and all genders of

Gay Catholixs, xhristians & Friends"